Brexit, beards and bristles

Hello lovely people, I hope that this entry finds you well. Having had such a frantic year so far it’s great to be in a period of calm. Ahhhhhhhhhh
Apart from the usual underhanded and intrusive antics of MS, life has been not boring, just quieter than normal. Unfortunately, that leaves me with time to think which has two downsides. Firstly it can be quite dangerous! Sometimes, for me, I think about things that I want to do, but can’t because of the unwelcome visitor whose name is MS. I start trying to get around the limitations that it imposes. How about moving from room to room without a wheelchair? I tried rolling along the floor in the general direction of the required room. Well, nope not practical because after thrashing about like a maggot with St. Vitas dance I realized, whilst lying covered in cat hair and dust, that I now had to reverse the process to get back to my wheelchair to wheel back to the desired destination in a semi dignified way; I was now covered in detritus though. Not a good look. Also, if you think that cats don’t have a sense of humour you should have seen Maxxy and Georgie, our masters (Dogs have owners, cats have staff) almost bursting their lungs in hilarity dislodging and throwing up hairballs next to my head which made them laugh and convulse, even more, bless ‘em. The only real upside of this mad idea was having a grateful wife for dusting and polishing our varnished wooden floor.
Next, I made a decision which did not include doing something but NOT doing something. Ah, that could work! I ran the idea past Victoria who immediately and emphatically said NO NO NO NO!  I took my life and the future of our happy marriage in my hands and went ahead with it anyway!
So, here I am hopefully raising much-needed funds for the Multiple sclerosis trust sprouting bristles and maybe a beard refusing to shave or have a haircut until Brexit bill has been agreed by parliament and accepted by the EU or Brexit is scrapped. Oh boy, what have I taken on? The news today is that it looks like a December general election. So it’s not ‘hurry up and wait’, it’s more hurry up or I grow bushier. Still, it’s better than trying to roll around the house avoiding cats rolling around in hilarity eh?
The moral is simple, do not aim for a goal that is unreachable regardless of techniques applied. Get on and do something that you CAN do and feel good doing it. Even better, do something that you can do that will help someone else, help a good cause.
The rub is, after reading this blog, if (and ONLY if) you wish to, please go to my normal facebook page which is at and donate using the donate button where everything donated will be passed on to the Multiple Sclerosis trust.  
Thank you so much and I shall keep everyone up to date with regular photographic posts on that page plus the facebook page msmuscle as well as on

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