Brexit vs MS

DON’T GO AWAY! Brexit, yes I said it. But although I am a political animal, I'm not going to comment on the actual process politically, but in parallel (tentatively) to MS. Stay with me and see if you agree.
When this Brexit thing happened all we knew that something was going to happen, we didn’t know how and we didn’t know when or even what. Just a combination of lots of people making decisions; some, one way some the other. To be truly honest not many of us understood what and when things were going to happen. We knew something was going to happen and our quality of life may change and there would be tweaks, changes to how the country operated etc. Think about when you were diagnosed with MS. It was a similar situation, not understanding what, when or if something would happen and no matter who we asked, the only answer I got was that time would show any symptoms as things develop. Certain medication may be prescribed as they happened. How about you. Sound familiar? Well, that was what happened to us when the exit from Europe was voted for. With Brexit, what happened? Silence. Some grumblings from politicians, some undecipherable mutterings from Europe and then more silence. With MS for the next year or so - dodgy vision? Muscles not working? Dropping things? Then MS silence. Hmmm so far, to me, the parallels are there. Let's skip ahead now because we’ve heard from Mrs May and her government of problems ahead. We have had hints from our brain of problems ahead as well. Now things have really accelerated with Brexit. The problem is that everybody in government, in opposition, in the minority parties are all saying different things. They have opinions and are trying to force their own addenda through. Basically, the country doesn’t know what to do or what is happening. Some businesses have almost shut down completely, others have slowed down, the UK community doesn’t know what is happening. The reality is that nobody knows except those at the top but they have no way or no compulsion to get any accurate information to us. It gets blocked or redirected by the government and the opposition. The civil servants are all getting their messages from Westminster in a bungle of confused soundbites. The upshot is that we are not getting the right information at the right time to be able to function properly as a country. We may not know it, but as a country, we are being slowly paralysed. Back to MS. To my understanding as a non-medical person, that is just what's happening to people with MS. Our brain (the government) wants things to be done in our body in the best way possible. Signals to our limbs don’t reach them, even some of the autonomous operations that our brains control from the bladder to eyesight get confused signals causing all sorts of problems! So, I’m sitting here in a wheelchair with legs that don’t move, typing this in stages because thinking wears me out. At each session, I have to reread what I have written so I can pick up the thread again. Then I read it again to make sure that it makes some sort sense as a whole. I haven't written this last bit as a POM POM (poor old me, poor old me) but as an example of how MS affects us. The positive for me is that I’m still in charge of my thoughts, I can love, laugh and have peace or have chaos, eat, feel pain and pleasure. No, I don’t know what my future holds but actually none of us does. Whatever functions you have that at this point in life are yours, use them. The only advice I give to anybody, whether they have MS or some other illness or are healthy is live for today, make the most of it as if it’s your last and if you see someone without a smile give them one of yours. TTFN