Carpe diem, Consilium una sabbatorum 

Hi lovely people, this isn't a long entry but it's just a quick "I've got to share this" moment.
The title IS Latin. Many people know the first part as 'seise' the day, but it can also be translated  as 'enjoy the day and don't worry about the future'. I'm not a seiser or a Caesar, I'm an enjoyer BUT don't forget this - 'Consilium una sabbatorum' which means plan the week. We got it right this time by having a rest day yesterday ready for the next invasion of son, daughter, and four girls aged 2 to 10 today. But because of yesterday's  'jama day' we were ready for it and enjoyed it. Yup you guessed it, tomorrow is a rest day! For me and depending on your situations,  try to plan your busy days and embed rest days in between whenever possible. You will enjoy the busy days much more by having time out or 'jama days' as well.
Happy New year to you all and don't forget, warriors all march to the same beat so love, laugh, forgive and forget and laugh again!
Finally, thank you google translate for some of the Latin and much more importantly, thank you Victoria, my wife, my love, my secretary, project manager, labourer and all round best friend for planning Christmas in a way in which meant I not only survived it but truly enjoyed it. I love you.