Hello lovely people. As promised yesterday this blog is about the thing I hate most about MS!
OK, first of all what it isn’t.
It isn’t not being able to walk. I’ve said before that I have a tool for that called a wheelchair. That gives me  personal space protection.
How many times have you been blocked by someone standing in the way whilst you feel invisible and obviously don’t talk loud enough to inform the human road block that you wish to pass him/her/them? Well, there are two ways that I’ve found which are effective in this situation.
1.       Say quite loudly ‘I can see all the hairs up your nose!!!!! This normally will gain the attention of those whom you are looking up at. Follow that with an ‘excuse me’ and ‘thank you’ when you are through the sea of legs. Don’t say anything else but leave them with the thought that from your unique perspective you can see a little personal grooming is needed.
2.       If phase one doesn’t work, butt into their conversation with a quite loud ‘did you know?’ which more times than not will get people’s attention due to their insatiable quest for knowledge. Then, attention gained, follow up with an interesting or banal fact and then go through. The useful fact I use is quite often ‘did you know?’...  That In a skirmish between metal  and  skin that metal always wins!!!!! Pause, pause, please could you let my metal machine get past you?
3.       Job Done

It isn’t the pain associated with my version of MS as my only reaction to myself about the pain is ‘man up princesses‘.
It isn’t looking like I used an exploding spoon when eating. If you’re going for a pizza wear a multi-coloured and patterned top or shirt. If you a going for a Sunday roast, wear light brown as it’s is gravy coloured, and for a curry wear DARK brown. That way the flying food which you mostly ate is at least somewhat camouflaged after devouring half and wearing half of your delicious and colourful comestibles.
There are lots of things it isn’t.
Right, here we go, here is what it is.
Especially over the last 2 out of 21 years of having being diagnosed with MS my mental faculties are diminishing to a point that it is obvious to me. Part of one of my old jobs was navigation whilst flying. Another job required me to manage myself, employees, customers and clients, finances, stock etc. It was a nonstop keeping 12 plates spinning on poles. It was fun, it was rewarding, it was productive. Now if you give me a map and I turn on the sat nav. Concentration and multitasking well, lets just say erm...erm...erm... nothing because I can’t remember the word I’m looking for in my head.
How about being given a simple job to complete? The chance of  that happening is pretty low because half way through  the job something else that needs doing will attract my attention. I’ll start the new  task and forget totally about the half completed one and then  the cycle repeats itself until I have successfully completed half of my days tasks. Job done?  Nope, it’s more likely half a job done in the worst possible way. That means half of each job is completed AKA nothing done.
Included in this maelstrom of broken thought, diminished attention span and crippled problem solving is the most annoying symptom. The one that I hate the most. That sharp implement of initiation that has now been ground down to dust. This can be described quite simply. Leave me in a room and although I know something needs doing I don’t do it. I could sit for hours looking at the contours of the lounge thinking about what needs to be done, leave the room and forget all about it. This can, and is, seen by some as pure laziness. I promise it isn’t. It’s a bit like sitting in a burning room and knowing you should put the fire out or at least get out of the room. So I go to get some water from the kitchen to douse it. On the way through to get it I notice that my computer in the dining room is still on so I sit down (that’s already done with the wheelchair :-) in front of my screen to turn it off. Oh look I’m halfway through my blog; I’d better finish that off. Is it warm in here or is it just me? Oh I’d better go because I think something is burning. TTFN