How lazy does this look! A bit of playing around with grandchildren (how much energy can that take?) and seeing a few people over a few days. Pah! Anybody can do that can’t they! Can’t they?
Once upon a time I had a computer business and loved nothing keeping all of the balls in the air simultaneously. I would be talking to customers, helping techies in the workshop, giving advice over the phone as to what to buy etc. Before that, I was a crewman on Chinooks responsible for aircraft weights and balance, engineering, some navigation, passengers and internal and externally stropped loads. Now it just wears me out typing that!

Around 3 weeks ago we had 2 of our grandchildren over overnight. Followed by the rest of their family joining us for Sunday lunch. Sunday afternoon I took to bed for a sleep lasting 3 hours. Monday morning I woke up and for a few minutes couldn't work out where I was. Oh, Vicki-check, Charlie our cat-check, Ah HOME! What a relief! I got up to make Vicki her cup of tea managing to spill some boiling water on my leg. Have you ever had to scream so loud, but only do it in your head? I managed it although it did shed a little tear of self-pity.

When I finally showered (with help), got dressed (with help), had breakfast (made for me) I sat in a strange foggy mirk with a brain of overcooked spaghetti. What SHOULD I do at this point? Maybe sit down, rest until the fog clears and my brain transmogrifies into the normal 46 damaged and 6 efficient neuron cells. Hence the saying “I’m firing on all 6 cellinders” – see what I did there? Sorry (NOT) Harpix is back! No not me. Instead, my spaghetti decided to re-vamp this blog site (msmuscle.uk) post some of it onto the FaceBook page @msmuscle for starters.

After doing these amazing changes and posts I decided to sit back and admire my hard work. I logged onto the site and decided that it was probably great but I couldn’t use it because of the pasta in my head wasn’t processing well. Maybe a little olive oil would loosen it up. UGH! NO BALSAMIC IN IT!!!!!
Later in the week when the fog became a light mist and the spaghetti lost most of its anti-myelin coating, I decided to have another look. Oh NO! Someone had hacked my web site and mixed everything up, swapped button around, redirected hyperlinks into outer space and jumbled up the order of my blog entries. I was so angry that I had another cup of strong tea with plenty of milk to calm me down.
Then.................realisation............I dun it guv.

Lesson 1
When you have MS brain fog and dropped a cog from cognitive STOP try sitting down, strain to explain what you are going through if you can to your wife, hubby, friends and partners. Go on strike, if you want to do something your spaghetti is suggesting just don’t do it. Do nothing, rest and recover. By doing nothing you have far less damage control to do when the fog clears.

Lesson 2

Try to recognise your limits and try not to cross that line. If you have a day that you know is going to turn your brain into spaghetti, plan for it and accept a few days of being hand fed and on a dog lead for a few days after.

So. I’m back now. Please please please GO THROUGH THE SITE re-re-vamped site and email me with suggestions for improvements visually or technically or regarding inaccuracies you find.
I feel lonely, I yearn for contact with the wider MS community.
Please hear my hearts cry. OK, pity party over.
Have a great day. TTFN