Every bit of advice I give (free and free to be ignored) is from personal experience, so I thought I'd put this in the public domain now, whilst I'm in the middle of an unpleasant (for others) MS symptom. Firstly, I still hold with a previous comment in my blog that pushing oneself further than normal and beyond ones limits is good now and again. It's also good for your life and your friends. I haven't mentioned one of the side effects that this over exertion may produce. Here it is, and it's painful to relate whilst going through it. OK. I am sat outside on my own (on purpose) talking to no one except the world through Facebook. That way I can't hear anybody and am in total control of who I talk (not type) to. There is a good reason for this. If someone approaches me and tries to talk to me, engage in wordless communication or asks me to do something for them at the moment, I'm afraid that my reply would have been dropped by the script writers on Game of Thrones because it was too violent and socially unacceptable! Even my poor wife got a short shrift this morning for no reason except trying to talk to me.It's like having every nerve in my body, every sense and every word spoken to me being turned up to volume 11. What is the answer? Keep our of the way until it subsides and then sheepishly come back into the land of the living and carry out damage control with any poor soul who crossed my path.REALITY CHECKIt was my decision to overdo it twice in three days, it is my fault that I feel like this and only I can do anything about it. So I will. I'm writing this blog entry for my own welfare as well as a caution to you. I'm keeping out of the way of sentient beings until I am not toxic. I think I'll produce a t-shirt with a health warning on it so the next time this happens at least I know that people are forewarned.Truly and really gave a great day, be aware that this type of mood can be sparked off by over doing it.Happy days next time, I'm sure. TTFN