Here we go again NOT!

Hello lovely people, normally this is the part where I say ‘here we go again!’ but thank goodness not this time. Over the last two weeks I have been trying to make sense of and piece together what had happened. Well, after all of that treacle speed thought and cracked hamer diagnostic work I have actually come to a conclusion.It was a cerebral event, people showed me AMAZING care, love and concern, then it went away. It left me grateful to my family, church, friends, facebook acquaintances etc.
Wow what a time, let's move on :-)I suppose there will be little satellites of information spawned from “the event” but that’s all, a bit of spawning never hurt anyone. Did I really just type that? No. OK then.
Here is a little tadpoles’ worth for you. If your doctor gives you some paper with your OWN notes on, obviously, don’t try to be smart and out diagnose etc. him / her.  Thank goodness I stopped myself trying to understand what these people with brains the size of a planet were discussing or writing or reading about me. Eventually, I looked at all of my summisations, realised I was trying to speak Vulkan whilst only having a slight grasp of talking at all. Hence the term cerebral event was used because Cerebral is brain and an Event is what happened!.The problem is that all people with a long term illness like to know as much as possible about whatever is lodging with them. I do, you do (dear reader); everybody does. We get immersed in the smallest tangle of jargon picked up over a period of time. Great, we get clever words that accurately and succinctly (normally) describe the subject you are chatting to someone about. Please remember that a lot of people whom you meet and show some interest in MS will switch off soon after you burst forth with jargon filled prose. It’s great for discussions with mates, MS friends and doctors, but please think before bamboozling someone about myelin, neural networks and synapses. My modest assessment of the human psyche indicates that 100% of people like to show their grasp of the  medical or technical jargon but i think that at most (0x19F)16  out of (604)8 plus or minus (1101)2  people will know what I’m typing about there! See, we all fall foul of it! I did say that these blogs would be short for a while. A man of my word.TTFN