Well, here we go again

I left it with the statement 'then everything changed' well just look at the news and political programs. That's a lot of change! This is a great time to put into the mix that politics, war, hate, violence, famine and lots other world problems of can actually affect hundreds, thousands even millions of people. Having MS affects the person who is diagnosed with it an their close family.
So just a reality check for us (told you I can be contraversial). With MS the diagnosed person and family involved are the only people affected. Yes it is horrible, yes it is debilitating and a worry. But (I love 'buts') it is a personal thing. We have a personal battle with it. Please remember that when talking to people. They may have many things pressing on their mind with various problems. So when talking to people not affected by MS please try not to talk about nothing but your situation and MS. Yes answer their questions about it, be honest about how you feel but remember that whoever you are chatting with may have health problems of their own or some news that has filled them with joy, they may have done exciting things like free fall parachuting or had adventures that they want to share with you. Show interest in them and what they have to say. With that approach friends become better friends and acquaintances become friends. END OF LESSON 1. Now back to other things. Me! Oh yeah! My blog. All about me! (not). So, Everything changed. I still hadn't bothered going to the doctors yet. We (Victoria and I) went to York for a weekend. At one point my right leg felt less and less attached to my body whilst we were walking back from the Yorvik centre. I highly recommend to you if you are able to still walk and navigate steps. I said I had to stop for a bit. She didn't believe me at first because I dit say it just as we were outside a pub! But she relented, we went in and had a drink and a packet of crisps. Thirty minutes later my leg miraculously reattached itself to my body so we had another drink and crisps :-} And why not? Now, where was I? Oh yes in the pub. We left to get back to our hotel and forgot about leg-gate. After a lovely weekend we returned home. No problems showed for about a month until I was digging a large hole in our back garden to accommodate a fish pond. Then I found that a fascinating thing was happening to my vision. My right eye turned up its colour and contrast levels which meant that when I closed my left eye the world became an amazing bright and colourful place which wouldn't of been out of place in the Beatles song 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds'. Just replace LSD with Tea. Swap over eyes and the world came back to normal. I didn't tell Victoria as she would probably would have lent towards the drug explanation. Not a good place to be in my universe! That vision thing disappeared again so I forgot about it. Normal life resumed. Although normal isn't and wasn't plentiful our life or marriage. I had a saying 'I don't do normal'. When I married the love of my life just one word changed. The saying became 'WE don't do normal'. One description of the two of us is 'mad as a box of frogs' which we strive to continue to strive to live up to. Next a couple of weeks after eye-gate we decided to walk to our friends house. It was around one mile away. I got to the fence near their house that we normally climb over and my right led decided to give in altogether! Well that's enough about me for a while. Cliff hanger or what! OK, what. I'll be back by Monday for the next instalment. TTFN