Hello lovely people!
Well, I have been grazing around other MS centred blogs. I didn’t realise that there were soooooooooo many; so many that the Facebook page ‘MS UK’ have forbidden us to put a link to our blogs at the bottom of any comments made by members to a request for help or for information. We can be put links to our blogs on a separate MS UK page though. I respect the decision and actions of the administrators but do believe that they have missed a trick here because instead of clogging up comments with lots of information, a direct link to the relevant blog entry with fuller help on say depression members and bloggers can fill a comment with lots of words instead. I’m not saying that bloggers are verbose, but we do tend to look deeper into problems arising from MS and like to pass on the information gleaned over a week or so. OK, I’m verbose and find it difficult to stop the finger tapping on a keyboard once I've started. Ahh well, I am biased because I'm an MS blogger.

Here are a couple more sayings continuing from last week’s entry.
1. I've got MS, it hasn’t got me
2. I slur, I fall, and I wobble. I'm not drunk I have MS and finally, if you haven’t read the Dr Seuss MS Poem, why not have a read, it’s on this page anyway. It says it all really!
Humour is a great way to combat MS at the heart of the matter when the world is awash with all things MS!
This next one is anecdotal but I want to have the opportunity to try it.

An able-bodied person came out of a disabled toilet. A guy was sitting outside patiently, legs platted. He stopped the man who had just come back out of the toilet and said eh, wait there a minute! The disabled man went into the toilet closed the door and then quickly opened the door and came back out. He tried to stand and promptly fell (in a semi-controlled manner) looked up at the man and said: “how come it worked for you, I still can’t walk!”

Also when I'm in the appropriate company I comment that I am more in touch with my feminine side because
1. I take ages in the loo
2. I sit down to wee and therefore
3. I do wish other men would put the seat down when they've finished!!!

Sometimes humour is the only way to battle peoples ignorance. Don't get angry that has more of an effect on you than it does on the person who says something silly or unkind. Just accept it because, for some, ignorance is a life long calling.

Have you ever been affected by ‘breakthrough’? It’s another of those weird symptoms where you are thinking about something which is not necessarily kind or appropriate and the words escape out of your mouth? Boy, can that be embarrassing or in some cases fatal!
I am so glad that my wife is built like a racing snake but imagine if she wasn’t and asked: “does my bum look big in this?” Maybe – only maybe – you think one answer but give the right answer. Sometimes you think one thing and tell it as it is by mistake because of a breakthrough. Oh boy, that can be painful. Well just accept that sometimes rude or ignorant comments from people are similar to or may even be a kind of breakthrough!
Life seems to have got more and more precarious lately as political correctness and lawsuits seem to be the order of the day, so if you’re a bit like me –shop, china and bull come to mind- at least you have something you blame it on.
So, don’t get mad, don’t get even just get a spirit of forgiveness. Whether you have a faith or not the bible says that Jesus said “Father forgive them they don’t know what they are doing” when they whipped, scourged and nailed him to a cross to die a long painful and degrading death.
As I said a moment ago, if you have a faith or not, the odd misplaced comment or word can be overcome by ones attitude. You aren’t responsible for what other people say but you are responsible for your reaction to it.