In process

What an exciting two weeks it's been. It started off by me thinking about doing the parachute jump, and I  ended up saying I'm going to do it and sharing it on Facebook. The problem now have is that I've realised that my mental capacity for processing information and organising myself has become less and less effective. This definately doesn't mean I'm not going to do the jump, it just means that I'm not able to start and organising and getting things ready in a timely fashion. I am now having to ask Victoria, my wife, if she can help me with the paperwork as well as everything else that goes with it except falling out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft.
I'm going to need to contact the doctor, obviously. And after that I'm going to have to contact Netheravon airfield to book the jump. Its pointless doing it the other way round (note to self 'If I do it the wrong way round, and then the doctor says she wont sign the form for me to be able to jump, then I've got a problem'). So let's start again, brain fog. What a great thing brain fog is. What can we do about brain fog? Not an awful lot, actually. The best thing you can do is to write lists. And the second best thing you can do is to remember where you put the list. How about not forgetting to write the list in the first place? You've really have got to write lists.
On which phone app do you put a list? What do I put in the list?  Do I need more than one app, more than one list? It's taken me until now to realise that I've got a list maker on my phone,  that means that I'm going to be able to use my phone app to get things organized - along with my diary - along with Otter (a fantastic free voice to text app) along with.... Oh I can't remember!
I've also now got a task manager, which means I can put things on that. So I can click through the items as I complete them. I want to get to the last task, complete it and then fall from 10000ft to 2000ft followed by a gentle final descent of 2000 to 0ft under a canopy. Then I can then say yep job done. What's next? Have I decided yet? If not, why not? Do I have to go back and see were I've been because I'm lost? What WAS I doing? Have I done it or just thought about doing it?  
Even writing this blog is quite a challenge because I often can't remember what I started talking about at the beginning of the blog (no change there then!) I have to think back and read from the beginning of my waffle and try and process what I was talking about in the first place. What a wonderful thing MS is. It's like a lifelong experiment, no, it IS a lifelong experiment.
We are the subject of the experiment and not only are we the subject, but
we are also the person who's seeing what the results are and having to work with them.  
When we've finished seeing what's happening at a point in time, what do we do? We try and work out a way around the resulting effects. That's is not easy either. Here the problem is that processing the information given so far can take so long that when we've finally got that information processed it's probably too late to get the things done that you want to do in the first place. Oh yes, I do love an unpredictable life. What can I do now? I suppose what's left is to publish this blog entry and get on with doing what I was going to do next, which I'm sure is somewhere in my phone on some app, somewhere, although I'm not quite sure where the app is, not quite sure why I used that particular app and not sure where in that unknown app I used. But I'm sure I can find everything I need at some point somewhen.
Let's all have a good day. Let's do our best to do the best we can with the what that we've got to contend with. If we've got energy to type, or mental capacity to decipher what someone has written, then we have nothing to moan about. TTFN
P.S. Does anybody remember what TTFN means or who coined the acronym?