Press CTRL ALT Delete

Hello everybody peeps! Well,  at least anybody I didn’t frighten off with my last two posts. Boy were they horrible. Anybody who doesn't know what I actually look like, I should think that you’ve now got a picture of me looking a bit (lot) like Gollum in the Lord of the Rings trilogy that was turned into the film by Peter Jackson. CLOSE but no banana, I LOOKED MORE FRIGHTENING!! I’m not going to show a photo of me then, because I want you to continue reading.
OK, many of you will understand the following regarding computers.

1. Turn it off and turn it back on again.
2. Press reset
3. Press Control Alt and Delete

Yeah, they’re ways of trying to get duff, duffish, or uncooperative computers to restart and work again.
Let’s go through them one at a time only instead of a computer imagine doing them to yourself after what can only be described as an MS brain meltdown.

Option 1. Turn it off and turn it back on again.
DO NOT TRY THIS ONE! If you try turning your body off and then turning it back on again there are many, actually too many pitfalls.
A. Once turned off you are not in a position to turn yourself on again. When turned off you cannot self-administer CPR because you’re turned off, you cannot use a defibrillator on yourself because you’re turned off. You cannot phone the emergency services because you’re turned off.
B. Even worse, if you are in the state of mind to do this and then CHANGE your mind you may be too late. It’s so difficult or impossible to undo what‘s done depending on your timing.
C. If you’ve read my ‘depression’ entry you’ll know that I got the timing spot on, otherwise I would be my own “ghostwriter” (see what I did there?). My advice is to leave option 1. well alone – PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

Option 2 Press reset.
This is a difficult one because it is radical but less radical than option 1. Though it has been tried by some a few of whom actually make it work.
Resetters try to start again from the beginning of the unacceptable part of their life. This normally means leaving the way of life that they are living now by moving from where they live and trying to make new friends and leave the old ones back in their troubled past.
Sometimes people in a crisis reset by changing their attitude to what food they eat, who they love, the type of people they hang around with, whether they believe or do not believe in any or all of the myriads of deity’s available in the smorgasbord of life. Now, think about this..............move location, move on to new friends, move on to another god or gods............... These all have two common denominators. Neither is trying to change or address the one unmovable thing. WHO YOU ARE!!! Will new friends change you as a person? Maybe a bit. Moving places? You are taking your problems with you and it doesn’t take long before your new place becomes your old place. This leaves you open to all of the problems that you had in the previous old place. A bit daft really. It’s almost as daft as trying to keep up with the old’s and new’s in this paragraph. Also, no effort is made to change the only thing that can make a total difference to you – YOUR INNER SELF!

Option 3. Press Control Alt and delete.
Once again a Microsoft Windows option, only this time you have the option of starting the ‘Task Manager’. This clever little program allows you to go through all of the other programs and tasks that are running simultaneously in the life cycle of a computer session.
With my recent emotional tsunami, this was the option I went to. In fact, it is now my go-to option because I’m sure that with the difficulties of life including MS it will rear its ugly head in my ugly head again.
Basically stop what your doing (shouting, screaming, throwing your toys out of the bath) and reappraise what is going on in your life. Are you too busy? Click ‘End Task’ and stop doing the time and energy-wasting bits. Have a look at the mood program, does that need a reload? ‘End task’ and let it start again. The relationship program. Well MOST of us could do with a reload and refresh of this part of our mind. I don’t mean start over with a different person but reset and relive falling back in love with your partner or refreshing friendships with your present friends whom you’ve lost touch with, ignored or upset whilst in your black dog. Remember that you can’t be all things to all people, so just be who you are and be true to yourself. If like me you have a faith then it’s always worth re-establishing lines of communication with Him. I love the serenity prayer. God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.
Follow that with a smile and a glass of something delicious.