Roll with lifes changes

Hello lovely people,
It’s a fact of life that life does not stop, even when we individually cease to exist (ouch!). Life and the busyness of life rolls on even if we aren’t part of it. If we do continue to exist (God willing) we will inevitably be swept up into it in some manner. Last week, Victoria and I were assuming that we would still be re-grouping, resting and preparing for a great day out last Saturday with friends visiting Denbies wine-makers.

Well, early last week my step-father was taken ill quite seriously at the age of 86. Mum (85 yrs) was obviously in a bit of a state. I’m not surprised as any couple,regardless of age, in a long and close relationship such as marriage would also be affected massively. Still ALL CHANGE! We found ourselves searching for and booking 2 nights in a Premier Inn located in Loughborough. We drove to Loughborough, pronounced ‘Luffbra’ by locals.

We did have to do the usual checks for accessibility with a wheelchair [check], usable bathroom [check] and large enough bedroom to be able to navigate around in a 2ft 6in square cage on wheels [check]. To be honest, the staff at the Premier Inn plus the facilities then were very good. The food in the restaurant was also fair to good! We got to see mum and my step-father (who is slowly recovering now). They were also pleased to see us as it has been such a long time since seeing them.

The next decision to make having arrived home after a busy week was do we push through and go to Denbies wine estate ( for a day out on Saturday? Well we did and had a great time with two patient friends, and whilst there we did sample some of their wines (yup plurulallal hic!) Wow, English wine has come on leaps and bounds over the years. I’m normally a red wine drinker but the wines I tasted were well above the enjoyable rating of anything available in UK supermarkets. It’s well worth a visit! Here is a tip though. DON’T be the designated driver unless it’s only to drive there.

I promised a friend of mine not to make this entry as long as the last one. The wimp said that reading so much made his eyes bleed. So lets get right on to the obvious (I hope) moral to this entry.
Sometimes we need to change plans, even plans enforced by lifes events and roll with the punches. We did. Once to cancel rest and do something much more important. Plus pushing the boat out and enjoying time with friends can be much more enjoyable than missing it to rest so one can enjoy some time with friends. If we hadn’t gone out on Saturday and rested, we would have missed a great day out that we would have been resting for. Duh!

Short enough for you BT man?