Sleep Surprise and shock


Hiya lovely people. Its been a REALLY interesting time for the last week. I went to bed last Saturday night, slept beautifully but woke up on TUESDAY in the intensive care unit at Frimley Park HOSPITAL!!!All I know {because I was asleep} was that my lovely wife couldn't wake me up at all on Sunday morning. Not just trying to prod me awake, but lighting a fire under my backside would not have even roused me!
In a way the rest is history which, thank you Lord, it is because without the provision of 2 days on a ventilator it would have been me who would have been history.I got home yesterday evening after a good chat with the excellent ICU doctor and after explaining to hom how our home is set up for a full time ♿, giving some assurances to him about how we would not over do it he let me home yesterday to convalesce. The excellent literature Frimley Hospital, supplied for free, explains beautifully how to get to full recovery. One of the promises I've made to Victoria is that we will have a minimum of a week off-line total rest. Then if we are up to it, we will receive visits from friends and monitor our energy levels as we go on but not go out visiting until I get stronger and Victoria regains her strength and feels ready to drive for herself. . It is definitely as tiring for her with everything to organise and run the house etc.I actually didn't realise how serious it was at the time and basically whilst I was on the ventilator (2 days) it could have been 'bye and thanks and for all the 🐠' 🤣😂🧐.BUT IT ISN'T!!! There will be continuing but probably shorter entries whilst getting over my week in The Frimley ICU (better run, with lovely, friendly and fantastically trained staff). Only go for a while if you have to, but if you do have to, choose this one. Thank you Frimley ICU.