I love the fact that unless you impose them on yourself that there are no rules. I’ve got few rules in blogging AND life.

1. If you’ve got nothing good to say about someone sat exactly that. NOTHING!
Except, and here is the caveat: I reserve the right to get at selfish people but not identify them. I reserve the right to get at selfish and greedy companies. I will name the company I am discussing but accept that many of the people working for these faceless organisations are not being criticised, as many who work for these companies are good hardworking people who deserves respect and often more of a share of the company profits

2. If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours!
Not just at Christmas, not just at home (although some people need to try that as well). It costs you nothing and a. can spread faster than flu (men) b. it can spread faster than a cold (women).

3. If you’ve got breath to moan, you’ve got nothing to moan about.

After I was taken to the dentists we dropped off at a shop where we live for Victoria to get some bits and bobs. On the way in a lady was outside selling the New Issue so she bought one. Victoria was repaid with a beautiful smile. She looked over at our car and also gave me a wonderful smile.
I was then waiting in the car for Victoria to return fully loaded. In that twenty minutes I saw around eighteen people go into the shop and come back out with the fruit of their labour (shopping).
I have never seen so many techniques to either show how busy they were and couldn’t stop to buy one or how myopic they were preventing them seeing this very cold lady trying to earn enough to eat. How sad, what a damning indictment on our society that when someone is in need, we are too busy, deaf or blind (supposedly) to give such little help – and let’s face it buying a Big Issue is takes a painless and financially inconsequential bit of help for a fellow human being. Even if you don’t read it and just throw it away your good deed has been done.
Lesson 2 Show love to people and although they may not be able to pay you back likewise you may have made a huge difference to someone’s life even if you don’t witness the fruit of your kindness.

Well I digress as per usual. It has been said that I have a very short aten….
I do like this music in the background, it’s soothing and……Sorry, I’m back!!

Oh yes the blog two cliff hanger or more accurately described as a small trip down a step. My leg had stopped completely so Victoria went to my friend Andy’s house to get him and he half carry and half dragged me to his place. How embarrassing! Just to make it more embarrassing I had no idea why my leg stopped and even less idea why it started listening to my intentions and was walking again about half an hour later. Victoria probably thought I was messing about and Andy probably thought I just wanted a lift home which he offered and I gratefully accepted on our behalf.
It was a while before we thought of a walk again, but I gracefully declined. Over the next few weeks my eyes started doing their silly brightness and colour thing again. One night we were watching TV one night and I was swapping eyes by closing them alternately to see the difference. At that point my lovely kind and caring wife turn to me and said “for goodness sake, stop winking at the telly and go to see your doctor”! Taken out of context, that comment could be wrong on so many levels. I cannot for the life of me remember what we were watching but I am sure it didn’t include dancing women or other types of program that could set off a fierce bout of winking. I stopped it (winking) immediately and watched whatever it was in 3D(ish).
I am a fan of the two word happy marriage (sometimes) – YES DEAR. So I spoke to my GP the next day. Wow, result! He said to come in that day! I thought that he missed me because I hadn’t been for so long.