To the point oh yes!!

Hello lovely people.  What an amazing, confusing and altogether productive time since my last entry!  My Web site. I had put onto msmuscle that I was happy for people to give comments, complaints, questions etc with regards my website and its contents. For months it has been a relatively quiet time from visitors (about 1400 of them) with the odd like on the Facebook page and almost if not exactly, yes exactly, nil, zero, nada comments on the Web site itself. That continued until 2 weeks ago. I gathered one whole comment posted on the Facebook msmuscle page regarding the website that I was soooo proud of since it was my creation from beginning to end. The person who left the comment obviously went to the same school of charm and subtle prose as me. I honestly appreciated his directness and honesty. Basically he described the website as an eyesore, impossible to read on a mobile, he got lost in it, it wasn't a responsive website etc etc etc. I hope he is reading this because I really want to thank him for the kick up the b*m he gave me. Actually as I am permanently sitting down in a titanium framed wheelchair he would have had a very nasty bruised shin. That gave me a job to do, Googley and webby research to do to find out that it was true! I went onto msmuscle.uk on my phone sporting a respectable 5.5 inch screen size as well as a great resolution. I managed to locate the blue spec that was the button to get to the blog list, stabbed at any of the green crum blog buttons to be proudly and almost with a fanfare was presented with thousands of black specs that I KNEW were words, but only because I'd put them there. Hmmmm, what to do? More research, more reading Googley things and I found out as much as I could about the subject of responsive websites as possible. THEN I had to start learning a new system for producing a responsive website. Those readers with MS know how difficult it can be to hold memories in a colander brain and here I was trying to plug enough holes in my brain to learn something fairly complicated and retain it for future use .

Life hack  If you are trying to learn something new which has a long list of set procedures, then part a is do it again and again and again until you can carry it out without the printed instructions . Part B is close the instruction book and do it again and again and again, only using the notes when you are hopelessly lost. Now stop, have some tea / coffee. Now relax for a while and then go back to the task and repeat again from hack part b or part a and b depending on how much you've retained. Rest, sleep, and repeat. At  the end of this intensive learning system you will probably shattered, fatigued, done in and want to sleep for a week. Don't! Even with a touch of fatigue and mind fog, now is the time to start using your newly retained skill. Use your notes and have frequent short brain rests to stop your spinal cord from escaping via the nearest orifice

Well it worked for me and still have my spine in-tact in its correct place in my body.  A side effect for me is that that long hidden thing called satisfaction of a job done. Not expertly done, but done none the less!    So someone gave me a boot which spurred me on to do things better It was a little like a physical workout. The result? endorphin type effects. I'll stop there to give your eyes and brain a rest now, just a thought for the day.   Sometimes people can say things about you that can hurt or they can comment on something you have done, made or painted etc. Did it hurt, did it seem insensitive? Use what they have said. Take a true look at yourself and see if you can be a getter you or a more positively responsive you (see what I did there?) TTFN