Under The Influence - Uttering The Inexplicable - Understanding The Inevitable

Hello lovely people, what a mouthful the title is but hopefully, the initials highlighted to give you some idea of what has been happening in my life.
On a previous occasion of having been UTI’d the doctor prescribed me Nitrofurantoin antibiotic, and 4 of days later we jetted off back to our place in Lanzarote. Job done, I thought, UTI cleared I thought, let's relax and enjoy the sun it thought. NOPE! Three days later the UTI returned just as intense as the one I thought was cleared 4 days ago. So, back to my second Lanzarote home called ‘The Clinic’ with the now usual ‘sample’ in a bottle in a brown paper bag. I’d love to be mugged (not too violently) and the mugger to steal the bottle in the bag because it sure does look like a hidden bottle of booze. Oh yes, enjoy, my naughty thieving friend! My UTI becomes HIS sore throat!! Revenge is a drink unwittingly imbibed.

Anyway, back to the near present. I was given Nitrofurantoin again for my needs by my doctor. Sure enough 3 days after finishing the course and, luckily after getting Maxxy (previously Matty) and George, the UTI was back. This time Victoria took my fake brandy to the docs and came back with another course of Nitrofurantoin to lay siege to the little bugs causing me problems. Again more unreal reality, more bed, more, well, you know what. Again the UTI cleared. I was now trapped in a groundhog day situation because 3 days later the little bugs came back again for a counter-attack. Well, I thought, this Nitrofurantoin seems to be a tad ineffective.

This time we (i) didn’t even bother with the brandy sample, Victoria phoned for and got a phone appointment. When I spoke to the duty doctor and explained everything I have put in this blog entry apart from the brandy bit. She had a great turn of phrase and suggested that the Nitrofurantoin only subdued the infection and didn’t cure it. Great words, accurate and to the point. She then gave me the choice of two different antibiotic types.

I don’t know how you feel about choices given by doctors but I have always believed that after university and medical training that they are in a better position to select medications that will help me than I am and so I said gently and politely to her that as she was the doctor I would accept her decision as to which antibiotic to prescribe. She said thank you! I sometimes wonder why people go to the doctors and tell them what they need and argue their corner with the full force and background knowledge of a five minute Google search on their medical problems. I like to let doctors do their job helping and I do mine being ill. I was given a 10-day course of the new pill ‘just to make sure’. After 5 days my humanity was starting to reassert itself, after 10 days the UTI had gone and didn’t return. This time the job was properly done.

What I hadn’t thought about was that after more than three weeks of and infection how low my energy levels would be. They are normally low but now even blinking energetically was out of the question. Ahhhh, bless, poor little chap eh? No! I’m better and now convalescing, hence the extra few days delay in tapping out this blurb. I think that what these last four weeks have taught me is that muck (expletive replaced) happens but unlike MS, a lot of MS add-on’s are treatable and so just let the doctors do their job. They're all trained in medicine, most are great at their job so let them do it. Google is the enemy of the patient/doctor relationship and has some facts as well as a lot of fiction dressed up as facts. Use it with that in mind. Also, when you feel better, wait a while and convalesce to get back up to the normal MS speed of 0.5 mph.