COVID-19 and more important stuff

Hello lovely people! Well, what a to do! People having to stay at home, not to get too close, large gatherings of people maybe being banned. There are concerns about people having to be alone for one or two weeks with very few people to talk to or to ask for help etc. Well, welcome to the world of MS warriors!
For once I am not talking from personal experience. I have Victoria (my lovely but 'mad as a box of frogs' wife), I have neighbours left, right and in front of me who are not only neighbours but great friends as well. I am blessed beyond my wildest imagination and dreams BUT! I am in a MINORITY. We all need to remember those who are on their own, maybe scared about finding themselves in this COVID-19 situation and not knowing what to do or who to ask for help.
If you are reading this and in that situation, please know that you are NOT alone, you are an email or phone call away from help or even just from hearing someone else's voice.
If you are reading this and are in the blessed situation I am in please put your email address (if you are comfortable todo so) so that lonely, worried or scared people and reach out to you to read messages written personally to them or even hear your voice if you give them your phone number after email contact.
MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS Depending upon how many people contact me, I will do everything I can to get back to you over the next few days.Loneliness is as much a disease as MS. Having one or the other is horrible. Having both can be soul destroying. So if you are in a position to help, whether you have MS or not, please put your email address and first name in the comments section of this blog so that we can be the start of a new and open community reaching out to other people.
I won't be putting this blog on because I want to keep it in one place, concentrated and easy to find.WOW, that wasn't how my mind saw this blog developing but yeah, I mean every word. Please help others in difficult situations by putting your email address, not your phone number in the comments.